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I am a good speaker with a passion for all things literary.  I know how to spark enthusiasm in listeners, whether they be teachers, librarians, fellow writers, readers or business people.  I thoroughly enjoy public speaking and am more than ready to prepare just the right speech for your particular event.


I write for young people.  I do a lot of school visits but I’m happy to talk to adults as well.  I particularly enjoy Children’s Literature Roundtables.  I relish the opportunity to give talks at conferences, especially to those who will in turn introduce my books to others through their work.  I am eager to share my sense of how important literature is in the lives of all of us.


I have given a lot of creative writing courses.  Depending on the setting, I can talk about the business end of children’s writing.   I can also offer hands-on sessions where participants have the chance to explore aspects of character, plot and setting, beginnings, middles and endings -- in other words writing techniques.  My aim is to be supportive and encouraging while at the same time clearly admitting the difficulties involved.


Contact me and we’ll discuss it.  Just remember, I live quite near to Ottawa, Ontario.  If I have to travel a distance I need to be sure my expenses will be covered.


Photo: Michel Dozois